Residue Recovery

In 2019 after the log price downturn the JWI Team had a look at where we could expand our business to make it more integrated with our current log transport business and how we could benefit the environment.
We decided to look at purchasing Hook bin trucks which could be used for carting bin wood from forestry crews and also to cart topsoil or metal in our Civil Works business.
The hook bin trucks took a while to integrate into the forests and through trial and error we worked out how we could get the best efficiency of our units without interfering with the harvesting crews operations.


Binwood Collection

We now have a robust system for collecting Binwood and other residues from skid sites and forest areas that is economical and efficient.
JWI runs 2 crews that are made up of a 14-ton excavator and a hook bin truck and trailer.
During the day the excavator sorts and trims any salvageable wood then loads it in to the 6 bins on site.
The hook bin truck and trailer units operate day and night ferrying the wood to various sale points in order for us to recover the highest value for the wood. The truck/trailer unit is made efficient by its ability to simply swap empty bins for full bins on site. This also allows us to run safely 24 hours a day 6 days a week.

Safely Operated

One of the health and safety benefits for running our hook bin trucks is that when the driver is working night shift, they are not put in harm’s way because the hook lifter operation is done from in the cab of the truck.


Committed To Sustainable Forestry Practices

JWI strives for a high recovery rate for the areas we visit, and we are usually able to remove a large percentage of timber from the skid sites thus reducing the weight on skids which mitigates the environmental impact of slash piles migrating downhill and into waterways in severe weather events.
JWI are always looking for ways to use the residues from logging for a useful purpose and we have several processes in the pipeline to make full use of all the wood on skid sites to help the forestry industry move forward in a positive manner.
JWI is investigating partnering with several of New Zealand’s largest forestry companies to keep progressing our commitment to a better environment and a more sustainable forestry industry as a whole.

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